Pacific Chain

This new distributed ledger is based on principles of
faster trasaction, distributed data storage, smart consensus
on top of existing features of transparency, immutability and security

Faster and Safer Transactions

A faster and safer algorithm for consensus where miner nodes take the benefit of approving block of transactions and add to the master chain. The system automatically scales up to the raising needs of high volumes or high value. This is done like how waves of a ocean lash to the shore.

Distributed Data Storage

Distributed and decentralized database with required security allows authorized nodes to perform search, filter and view original data. This makes blockchain enterprise ready where the original data can be retrieved for any legal and compliance purposes in their true form. This data cannot be edited and if edited, other nodes can validate to block the node from being part of network.

Smarter Consensus

A new consensus algorithm called "Proof of Splash" is being introduced to improve upon the transaction validation, verification and authentication of block to be added to the chain. It acknowledges various parameters of the transactions and blocks to quickly take calls using AI and fraud detection at an early stage. Thus improves speed and velocity of the process. It replicates splash of the wave to achieve momentum of progressiveness.

Faster Node creation

Adding new nodes is easy now. As they just need to have one a simpler process of onboarding with KYN (Know your neighbor) algorithm. Data is synchronized in a simpler manner so that root node is from the time of introduction to the network. This reduces complexity of downloading data of historical events of the blockchain.

Cruise with Pacific Chain

Developed in Rust language

Highly secured data storage

Designed for high performance

Robost platform

Dock with Pacific Chain

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